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Our handymen will come and fix a light switch, to changing a lock. Replace a leaking tap and hang a mirror in your bathroom.

All booking confirmation is must be considered this way. It ensures that we are made a contract to come and do the work. 

You can and it will not cost you anything extra. However, if the Handyman arrives at your home you will be charged.

We ask the client to arrange to have the materials on the premises before the Handyman turns up. This stops extra cost being added because he my need to go the get the materials themselves 

If job starts as an hourly rate and it looks like it will be an 8 hour job or more, we change the rate. Meaning it will be capped at £350 for the handyman service and £500 for the ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING, CARPENTRY, TILING work

We send an invoice and then we call to take payment on the same day he work is finished. We send everything through email 


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Quality Comes At A Price

MK LONDY WASTE is part of the MKL GROUP OF COMPANIES.  We have our own license to remove your building waste. As it is not our waste when we do the work for you, it is always yours. That means you need to get it disposed of in the correct matter.

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