Understanding Our Charges And See Our Gallery 

Labour Only

  • Prices are for labour only


  • Are not included
  •  We can supply the materials, however, the time for shopping and collecting will be added at our standard hourly rate. The price for the materials will be added separately on top and all recipients will be given to the client

Congestion Charge & Parking

  • Will charge the cost of the congestion charge in addition of our fees for the job.
  • Parking fees will be added to the bill, only if incurred by our operatives.
  • We also carry out a Cleaning Service if needed
We work with other companies that we subcontract. We oversee all the work and all work has a 6 month guarantee once it has completed. All of the builder have Public Liability Insurance

On any of the days booked we can not get in due to no fault of our own. You will be charged our minimum rate. Also for the fixed price booking, scheduled on a Saturday and Sunday we have the right to charge you the full estimated price of the booking


For larger projects we would nee to visit your property to give you and estimated price


MK LONDYN WASTE aka MKL Waste is a waste removal operations. We are licensed to remove your building, kitchen, bathroom and garden waste. As it is not our waste when we do the work for you, it is always yours. That means you need to get it disposed of in the correct matter. 

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